Innovation and Patent

Water-filled dams have proven to be the best among known temporary mobile barrier types. Tentdam brings a selection of revolutionary innovations to this area. For instance, the familiar circular shape was changed to a triangular one, providing the system with maximum resistance against skewing and sliding off.  Tentdam uses a completely new way of joining parts thus enabling faster installation while also making the system much more leak-proof than previous systems.

EU. Patent No.:   13726293.7 

U.S. Patent No.:  US9574314B2

CN.  Patent No.:  CN105324536A

RU.  Patent  No.: RU2632912C2


Tentdam has two main characteristics from an end-user perspective.

The first is mobility, the second is lightness.

Using Tentdam, a temporary dam can be built anywhere. It is affordable for individual buyers, and a small trailer or semitrailer is enough to carry it.

It requires small storage space and virtually no maintenance.

Only a few people are required for the assembly of the system.

For example, a restaurant on a waterfront, a hotel with its own staff

a housing arrangement or a set of companies in industrial areas can collectively protect their homes and assets in case of a potential flood.

Use Water Against Water

Tentdam is a water-filled mobile flood protection system.

With a length of 100 meters and a height of 1.8 meters, Tentdam requires a team of two, four hours and no specialized knowledge or tools to set up. It can be installed on any terrain and surface. It is easy to clean after use. Storage and transportation require very little space, maintenance is extremely economical.

Environment-friendly and pollution-free, Tentdam requires no landscaping whatsoever.


Retrospectively deployable at 1 meter water level

Durable material  prevents damages caused by woody debris

Resists against storms and gale without using ground anchors or extra weights e.g. sandbags